"A class act and an excellent educational resource” (teacher after Grannie's visit to a school).

SCHOOLS and Colleges; Book a special visit to your school now! :
"New and Old Things", fits with curriculum
 or the "Story of Grannie Rhodes" (early free poor women settlers' story)
 “The best history lesson ever! ”
Other programmes suitable for ALL GRADES from kinder to university
Bookings essential.
Visit to School Times by special arrangement to suit your classes.
                                        from $4.50 to $7.59                                         
 Miriam Cooper is an experienced teacher (35yrs), professional actor, writer, conference speaker and performer and has also worked in tourism for 30yrs.
  Performances, story telling or lessons to compliment the curriculum have proven excellent for all ages; History, Creative writing, Drama, Storytelling skills, Tourism, running or setting up a small business. Building restoration.
 Specials; For the Kinder to grade 2; very popular!
         “Old Things”·   
   Mrs Wishywashy: Grannie’s washing day. 
  Christmas long ago, with games from another era! 
All approx 30 minutes duration allow 45 minutes for the visit. 
Dress up your class,(it's easy just ask how).
 Pre-visit lesson ideas on request. "Grannie" can come to your school or venue.
email; mulberry23a@gmail.com
Phone 0407 473 015
Grannie Rhodes’ is the only cottage (top left) in Richmond with no electricity or water in it. It was restored to show the 1830’s – 1890’s. The dramatic presentation Turn the Key of Time used the old cottage as the stage telling the story of one family’s struggle to join a convict father and their difficult life thereafter.  The bark hut showed how the family would have lived when they first arrived.
Other shows available are more suited for high school or colleges see
Tales from Tasmania:
Senior students will love the gruesome horrible histories that Tasmania has to offer!
TEACHERS’ Special: staff meeting/training day event: With 32 years of teaching all grades under her belt. Miriam speaks on voice training; Caring for your Voice in the classroom, how to, and how not to, use it and keep it! She can also perform a piece of your choice.

Email:       Ph: (03) 6260 2664