Tales from Tasmania

  Tales from Tasmania  is a collection of true stories exposing some of the state's more unusual social history, tales holding dark mysteries; The Wreck of the Resolution, The Carpenter Murders(Swansea), Catherine Glover's Terrible Tale ( Triabunna), If Walls Could Speak, (Cascades Female Factory) and many others both curious, informative and very entertaining. 

 Miriam is an experienced  professional performer, writer and story teller. Give your tour group a fun or interesting evening or afternoon event.

 Book a storytelling gig, historic interpretation, or commission a performance piece for your venue or event.  "Grannie", or one of her "alter egos" can travel to your venue (educational establishment, hotel or restaurant) .  Some are just  hilarious and entertaining like Ivy who cleans the Old Hobart Penitentiary (or whereever you happen to need her!), the nursemaid who does Louisa Anne Meredith's baby nursing or Aggie who does anyone and everyone's washing and ironing but you wil see her fascinating collection of antique clothing.  Be entertained- but learn about Tasmania's history as well!
 Grannie Rhodes' was multi award-winning and Miriam won Entrepreneur of the Year '07 for the whole project.  In 2009 she performed her show about Grannie Rhodes at the English Festival of History- Europe's largest festival of its kind, it was very well recieved. 

Email:       Ph: (03) 6260 2664